***Due to the demands of the majority of our customers, the average split size of our firewood is on the smaller side. We cannot accommodate requests for larger/chunky split sizes.***

Green Firewood

Fresh cut firewood with a high moisture content. Perfect for purchasing in the spring to stack and let dry/season during the warm summer months.

Available in 16" length only from September through March. Lengths of 12"-22" are available April through August.

$265/cord ($250/cord if 2-1/2 cords or more are purchased)

Seasoned Firewood

No time to dry your wood? Our seasoned wood has been drying for approximately 8-9 months. Moisture content is approximately 25-30%. Available only in 16" length.

Kiln Dried Firewood

Our premium firewood. Dried to perfection in our gas-fired kiln. Moisture content is approximately 10-15%. This wood is perfect for storing indoors as all bugs are removed through the heat treat process. Our most efficient firewood burns hotter than seasoned, meaning you will burn less wood. Kiln dried wood also burns much cleaner, keeping your wood stove in tip top shape. Available only in 16" length.



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Our Firewood

Our firewood is locally sourced from the forests in New Hampshire and delivered to our yard where we cut and split tree length logs with our Multi-Tek 2040 XP2 firewood processor. You will receive a mixture of hardwood in your order including ash, oak, maple, beech, poplar, white birch, yellow birch and cherry.